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The Gomez Family 

Green Valley

Green Valley Landscaping Services is a family-owned company. 

The Gomez family believes that time and effort lead to great opportunities. Having Green Valley Landscaping Services is a big responsibility and our biggest commitment. We will always appreciate your support! 


Green Valley has been serving Whatcom County for years, and we truly want the best from our family to yours. You can trust the company to give our best customer care on the services that our company provides.

Every year we grow and learn more to bring the best quality of landscape, always having you as our first priority. We have clients that have been working with us for a long time and they have seen that it takes work and a good presentation to get a good recommendation, always from start to finish on every project we do. 

Green Valley provides maintenance services all year round or you can work with our company to have the project of your dreams happen. Always making sure to not disappoint when you invest your money on your new landscape, project or new installation. 

Green Valley is always THANKFUL!!! 

Victor & Ana Gomez

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